iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

iEMSs Info - Scope

Scope and Aims

iEMSs (we pronounce it “eye-em-es”) is a not-for-profit organization uniting private persons and organizations dealing with environmental modelling, software and related topics.

The aims of the iEMSs are to:

  • Develop and use environmental modelling and software tools to advance the science and improve decision making with respect to resource and environmental issues. This places an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the development of generic frameworks and methodologies which integrate models and software tools across issues, scales, disciplines and stakeholders with respect to resource and environmental issues;
  • Promote contacts among physical, social and natural scientists, economists and software developers from different countries and coordinate their activities;
  • Improve the cooperation between the sciences and decision makers/advisors on environmental matters;
  • Exchange information in the field of environmental modelling and software among scientific and educational organizations and private enterprises, as well as non-governmental organizations and governmental bodies.

 To achieve these aims, the iEMSs:

  • Organizes international conferences, meetings and courses in environmental modelling and software;
  • Publishes scientific studies and popular scientific materials in the Environmental Modelling and Software journal (Elsevier);
  • Hosts a website which allows members to communicate research and other information relevant to the Society’s aims with one another and the broader community;
  • Delivers regular information to members through the website and mailing lists.