iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Workshop W.4

[PASSWORD = 755941] To be FAIR… Augmenting codebases to align with the FAIR4RS principles with an emphasis on interoperability and reusability [ Online ]

Stream    : W - Workshops

Leader(s): Allen Lee : Arizona State University | CoMSES Net | Open Modeling Foundation (

The FAIR4RS RDA working group is finalizing its adaptation of the FAIR data principles to research software and it’s a good time to see how it works in practice. We will present a quick crash course on the FAIR principles for research software and go over several concrete examples of published computational models and the incremental changes needed for them to be FAIR (or more FAIR at least) as well as modifications needed for models to support flexible execution locally, in the cloud or on High Throughput Computing resources like the Open Science Grid.

Bring your own models! We would love to collect more compelling use cases in the hopes of creating cookie-cutter template repositories for greenfield computational models that help make adopting the FAIR principles more accessible.

Password: 755941

Link :