iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Workshop W.3

Incentives for Standards: Critical Feedbacks for FAIR Practice in Modeling Science

Stream    : W - Workshops

Leader(s): Michael Barton ( , Karin Frank (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research Ltd. - UFZ, Leipzig) , Min Chen (Nanjing Normal University), Bert Jagers (Deltares) , Allen Lee (Arizona State University)

While there is a widely recognized need for standards to promote FAIR-aligned practices in modeling social and environmental systems, it is equally important to create incentives for organizations and individual researchers to engage in these practices. The Open Modeling Foundation (OMF) was established recently as a federation of modeling science organizations (including iEMSs) to promote community-wide standards for FAIR best practices in modeling. It also endeavors to incentivize FAIR practice through a combination of recognition, rewards, and requirements. 

In this workshop, representatives of OMF Standards, Certification, and Education Working Groups will offer brief introductory presentations about operationalizing feedbacks between incentives and FAIR standards. These presentations will be aimed at stimulating round table discussions among attendees to this workshop. Special emphasis will be on establishing a professional culture to support FAIR practice among early career researchers who will become the next generation of modeling scientists. We invite researchers and practitioners from all experience levels to join us in the discussion on incentives to stimulate FAIR practices in modeling (both inside and outside academia).