iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Workshop W.1

Discussion session: Cross-impact balances (CIB): state of the art and future avenues

Stream    : W - Workshops

Leader(s): Dr. Hannah Kosow (ZIRIUS, University of Stuttgart, Germany) ( , Prof. Vanessa Schweizer (University of Waterloo, Canada) , Dr. Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle (ZIRIUS University of Stuttgart, Germany)

This workshop will be organized as a follow up discussion session to Session A.6 “Cross-impact balances (CIB): state of the art and future avenues”. Cross-impact balance analysis (CIB) introduced by Weimer-Jehle in 2006 has become an established approach in socio-environmental scenario building in the fields of climate change, energy transition, water management and many others. With today at least 300 applications by 80 organizations, this semi-quantitative form of systems analysis (conceptual modeling) can be considered state of the art in qualitative yet systematic scenario construction. CIB plays an increasing role in socio-environmental modelling: it is used to assure internal consistency of qualitative scenarios and to build and select sets of context scenarios for environmental (numerical) modeling. At the same time, new applications (e.g. for policy design, for the integration of knowledge and across scales) and new methodological developments (e.g. for data collection, data analysis and scenario presentation) are being developed.

The central aim of the workshop is to take stock of the state of the art of CIB and to identify future research avenues. The workshop is open to all.  Still, to fully benefit from the discussion, we recommend you to join the A6 session on Thursday 7, 9:20-12:00, see the list of talks and/or to visit the uploaded A.6 presentations.

During the workshop, we will:

  1. Take stock on the state of the art of CIB
  2. Hear a report from the Scenarios Forum (see the video here)
  3. Collect open questions and future research avenues
  4. Discuss possible publication options

We will use the digital whiteboard concept board to collect input by on-site, virtual and asynchronous participants. Please bring your own computer to the workshop. If you are a virtual participant and are interested to join the discussion, please contact

Looking forward working with you!
Hannah, Wolfgang & Vanessa