iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

iEMSs 2022 - Session E.5

Planning for climate change in fragile coastal ecosystems

Stream    : E - Solutions and application for environmental problems

Session Leader: A. Sulis(1), G. Deiana(2), O. Yezza(3), P. Orrù(2), S. Serreli(1); (1) Dept. of Architecture, Design and Urban planning (DADU), University of Sassari, Sassari, Italy; (2) Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari, Cagliari, Italy; (3) National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunis, Tunisia

It is widely recognized that the Mediterranean region is a hot spot of climate change, and resilience and vulnerability in socio-ecological coastal systems are expected to be severely affected by climate change impacts such as rising sea level, higher rainfall variability, and increased storm frequency and intensity. The costs associated with mismanagement of climate change impacts can be very substantial. Adaptation costs for climate change are much lower than damage costs without adaptation for most Mediterranean coastal areas. Adapting to new conditions brought by climate change will be challenging and will demand strategic and creative thinking from coastal planners and others. This session will explore development and application of the latest thinking, theoretical approaches, models and practical tools to better understand, assess and plan for present and future climate change and variability in coastal areas. Presentations from scientists, researchers, planners, policy-makers, the private sector and community members that span many disciplines are welcome. Submissions of case studies dealing with vulnerability or resilience for human populations and natural systems in Mediterranean coastal areas affected by sea state change are encouraged.