iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

iEMSs 2022 - Session E.1

Drought assessment and management

Stream    : E - Solutions and application for environmental problems

Session Leader: Marijke Huysmans (Prof.) - VUB, Estifanos Addisu Yimer (Ph.D. researcher) - VUB, Buruk Kitachew Wossenyeleh (Post-doctoral researcher) - VUB, Hans Van De Vyver (Senior scientist at RMI - Belgium) - RMI and Bert Van Schaeybroeck (Senior scientist at RMI - Belgium) - VUB

Drought is prevailing in most part of the world where its severity is increasing in multiple folds. Hence, modelling practices to understand and predict drought are at their utmost importance. Therefore, its time to go beyond the state of the art and share ideas so that we tackle burning research problems with a combined effort.

Hence, we would like to invite scholars (Professors, post-doctoral researchers, independent researchers, Ph.D. students, M.Sc.. students, stakeholders, water companies, water managers, etc.) to take part in the drought session that we organize during the IEMSS conference. We invite you all to submit your abstract with the following main themes but in a broader context:

·        Groundwater-surface water interaction on drought context

·        Uncertainty on drought index estimations

·        Modelling work to improve agricultural drought estimation

·        Remote sensing to estimate and predict drought

·        Combined effect of weather variables on drought estimations

·        Climate change and its effect on drought

·        Drought and sediment dynamics relations at river reaches

·        Nature Based Solutions as drought adaptation measures

·        Effect of drought on water quality

·        drought propagation in hydrological cycle and its socio-economic impact

·        Machine Learning and its application for drought characterization and predictions

·        Inter country spatial and temporal correlation of meteorological droughts and their implication as early warning system

·        Early warning system in general with socio-economic analysis

·        Drought and its potential impact on perennial and ephemeral rivers

·        Drought framework for proper characterization (are there hidden drought characteristics that we are not aware of - beyond the state of the art), etc.