iEMSs 2022 Conference - Brussels, Belgium

iEMSs 2022 - Session C.2

Cloud-based environmental models, data provisioning services, and infrastructures

Stream    : C - Computational Methods, Workflows, Informatics and Integrated Systems in Environmental Modelling

Session Leader: Deron Smith (EPA:ORD) and John Johnston (EPA:ORD)

There is growing interest in providing environmental modeling and data provisioning services through cloud-based infrastructures. Historically, environmental models and infrastructures were monolithic and cumbersome in implementation. Emerging environmental modelling problems require developing workflows which overcome these limitations. With advances in technology, we can leverage the strengths of moving from individual desktops into the cloud, such as scalable compute resources and increased data accessibility. This session serves to discuss multiple aspects of developing and deploying environmental software in the cloud, which include:

  1. Environmental models deployed in the cloud.
  2. Data provisioning services in the cloud for environmental modeling and characterizing watersheds, contaminants, and sources of contaminants.
  3. Environmental software deployment infrastructures, methodologies, technologies, patterns, and architectures.
  4. Environmental model and data integration using web services and REST API.